Absorbing Qi from the Trees

Trees love to communicate with us. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

Huge energy from this giant in a park in Melbourne
Huge energy from this giant in a park in Melbourne

As we release our negative and sick energy to the mother earth, this is a gourmet meal for the trees. This unwanted energy is predigested and transformed by nature to compost the tree.

When to communicate with a tree

Consider absorbing Qi from trees when

  • you feel scattered or distracted.
  • need grounding
  • feel angry, hurt, frustrated
  • carry any sick emotions
  • have hatred in your heart.

What tree do I choose?

Take time to communicate with trees
Take time to communicate with trees
  • Young trees are like children – easy and quick to  make friends.
  • Older trees are less forgiving, like adults they carry the scars of life and take a little longer to connect to.
  •  Cactuses and spiky, thorny trees are not good as they trigger fighting.
  • Bamboos are wonderful for healing as they are hollow and absorb illness easily.

Choose healthy robust trees with good canopy structure. Avoid sick or dying trees.

Benefits of communing with the trees include that they are:

  • calming
  • give you the freedom to be you
  • allow you to reconnect with mother nature
  • wonderfully healing.
Feel the energy of this magnificent fig with arms outstretched
Feel the energy of this magnificent fig with arms outstretched

Try this easy exercise

  1. Survey the park or forest and choose your tree according to how it feels (warm, cold, very hot, prickly or friendly).
  2. Approach the tree with gratitude and grace. First stand outside the canopy ring (tree’s aura).
  3. Ground your feet into mother earth and be aware of the point under each foot (KID 1 – Yongquan). Point foot to receive and release energy.
  4. Step closer when you feel the energy of the tree and ask permission for an exchange of energy.
  5. Lift your hands to face the tree and be aware of the point in the centre of your palm (laogong P8, from where you  receive and emit energy ).
  6. As you feel the energy increase, you can step closer to your tree.
  7. With your intention, visualise as you breathe in the circulation of energy from your tree falling down on you and entering the crown of your head (Baihui GV20). Let the energy wash tiredness, tension, tightness, pain and suffering out from the body through your feet deep down into the earth for transformation into compost for your tree.
  8. As you breathe out, release and let go of hurt, anger, all negative thoughts and emotions.
  9. Repeat step 7 and 8 three times or until you feel relaxed, cleaned and healed.
The coolness of this majestic tree was so calming - Adelaide parklands
The coolness of this majestic tree in Adelaide was so calming.

Alternative options

  • As you breathe in and out raise your arms and lower them.
  • Hug your tree after the exercise and feel the energy radiating from it.
  • Choose a different trees each time, as each  tree has different healing properties.

When you have finished the exchange with your chosen tree:

  • Step back with hands in prayer position.
  • Look at the tree, its branches and leaves.
  • Smile from your heart and radiate gratitude for the strength, wisdom and healing you have received.

I hope you enjoyed this exercise. You can never hug enough trees.

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