Compression Garments

To wear or not to wear?  There is no question. Patients with lymphedema should wear compression garments every day.


  1. Lymphoedema cannot be cured
  2. Lymphoedema  can be well managed
  3. Lymphoedema untreated becomes chronic and tends to progress

The treatment focuses on minimizing the swelling, controlling the pain which leads to improved quality of life.

Your winning treatment combination:

  • Regular MLD
  • Exercise

    Regular exercise - practicing Qigong / Tai Chi is one of the best to do daily
    Regular exercise – practicing Qigong / Tai Chi is one of the best to do daily
  • Wearing compression garments daily
  • Periodic compression bandaging
  • Skin care daily

To wear compression garments you benefit by :

  • limiting the amount of fluid building up in your affected area
  • maintaining healthy circulation of blood
  • improve your  lymphatic function
  • providing your muscles with firm resistance to work
  • enabling the fluid in your limb to move towards where it will drain
  • providing support to your  inelastic tissues
  • helping to soften your hard tissues
  • reducing the risk of developing cellulitis
  • reducing the heavy feeling  and tightness you might experience

Not to wear compression garments you may experience:

  • puffiness that will not reduce
  • skin that’s cracked and splits
  • infection
  • reduced mobility

Tips for maintenance:

  1. dry skin brush everyday
  2. moisturize daily (best at night, before you go to bed, as soon as you take the garment off)
  3. use rough washing up gloves to glide garments on and smooth out wrinkles
  4. use a fresh garment every day to maintain best compression
  5. take care not to sunburn
  6. have a regular Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment (MLD)
  7. Wear “skins ” as well as your compression garment when flying

Factors to consider when choosing the right garment:

  • shape and size of limb
  • function and mobility
  • ability to don and doff the garment
  • severity of swelling
  • skin condition
  • overall build
  • age and lifestyle

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 What some of patients say :

“Look at my skinny arm, it feels great”

“It felt strange at first but very soon I felt more comfortable”

“My legs feel better when I wear them so I wear them everyday, never thought I would”

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