Qigong Tapping

This medical Qigong exercise for healing is like acupuncture, but  with no needles.

When to do it

  • morning
  • evening
  • whenever you need to feel invigorated
  • if you are feeling stressed
  • when you are confused and cannot make a decision

How it works

  • the vibration moves Qi so you don’t hold on to things
  • as the vibration goes through the body it opens channels, joints, and releases tension

To get started

  • Rub hands together with gently pressure on the palms of the hands.  As the hands warm up,  blood comes to the surface. Qi follows blood.
  • Using spear fingers ( second and third finger pointing out in front of you,  forth and  baby finger pointing back at you (like a gun), thumb covering forth and baby finger.
  • Tap lightly at first. Over time tap harder as your body gets accustomed to it
  • With tapping there is  no pain. If it is painful lighten up.

Simple routine

Tap vigorously using some of the suggested affirmations or your own  affirmations to make the session even more effective

1. Between the eyebrows (third eye) – pituitary gland

“My hormones are in balance. My emotions are calm”

Qigong Tapping on Temples
Qigong Tapping on Temples

2. Top of head (crown) – brain

“My memory is excellent.  All neurons connect”

3. Side of the eyes(temples)

“I can see clearly always”

4. Below the eyes on cheek bones

“I am moving forward with ease and grace”

5. Between upper lip and nose

“I am in the right place, at the right time, right now”

6. Between lower lip and chin

“I am never alone. I am supported every step of the way”

7. Behind the ears at base of skull

“I hear everything perfectly”

Qigong Tapping- Back of Head - Pineal Gland
Qigong Tapping- Back of Head – Pineal Gland

8. In the middle at base of skull( under the bump) – Pineal gland (controls serotonin levels)

“I hear my inner guidance clearly”

9. On sternum below the throat – Thymus

“I feel safe

10. On each side of the neck and throat – Thyroid

“I  express myself freely and creatively. I am willing to change”

11. On either side of the chest below the clavicle

“Abundance flows in everyway, every day of my life.”

12. The chop – at the wrist

” I am so grateful for everything that is in my life today. Gratitude fills me experience moving forward”

I like to finish every session with my hands in prayer position. Repeat your affirmation of this simple on three times.

“Thank you for the healing I have just received”

Congratulations you have just completed a self help acupuncture session of healing on yourself.

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