Weed Soup

Weed soup is the way to go when wanting to nourish the garden and recycle weeds

Dilute the weed soup 50/50 and pour on the garden as a tonic
Dilute the weed soup 50/50 and pour on the garden as a tonic

All you need:

  1.  a plastic bin with a lid
  2. Water
  3. and weeds!!!!!!!!

Few Easy Steps

  • Loosely fill the bin with the weeds.
  • Leave out fire weed and seeds of weeds already gone to seed. Green flowering tops that have  not yet  set are perfect
  • Fill the bin with water
  • Put the lid on
  • Leave for a week is sunny / semi sun position
  • Stir every other day

To use

  • stir and let it settle
  • Half fill watering cans with the soup by dipping the open part under the water and allowing it to fill
  • Leave the floret off as it will block
  • Dilute with water 50/50
  • Folio feed the entire garden generously
  • Keep going till you have used half  the soup
  • Now fill the bin up with water again
  • A week later you can do the same


You can add fresh grass clippings and other green pruning’s  to the soup

I make the exactly same soup /tea using fresh or dried sea weed that I collect from the local beach. Great way to assist local communities keep the beaches clean!!!!!

Seaweed soup has different nutrient properties. Its rich in trace elements and the gel of the seaweed soup builds strong cells in the plants allowing them to become more frost resistant and the healthier the plant they become disease and pest resistant.