No dig gardening

Organic no dig gardens make sense.

They imitate nature, where dead plants and materials fall on the ground and remain there, slowly decomposing through micro-organism activity. The decomposed material from the surface is also distributed by the earthworms naturally. These valuable creatures bring soil from below to the surface continually aerating and turning over the soil.

Place “ready “compost on the garden every six weeks. Always plant new seedlings in a huge handful of ‘black gold’:  compost that is ready to use.

Weeding is almost non-existent. You do not need to weed as the mulch material stops most weeds growing and retains the moisture, especially in summer. Weeds can simply be pulled out and placed roots up on top of the existing mulch cover.

Herbicides and pesticides should not be used. They will interfere with the beneficial organisms and upset the balance of nature.

Companion planting in a no dig garden aids the growing of healthy plants.

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