Organic Gardening

Organic gardener Margie Hare is passionate about growing food using organic and permaculture principles. She has set up kitchen gardens, balcony or potted herb gardens, and larger projects such as food gardens for hobby farms, restaurants and cafes.
“Fresh organic fruit, vegetables and herbs straight from the garden are your best food source for essential nutrients and vital life force.” says Margie.

Permaculture Garden at Jaspers Retreat Centre from BodyMindLife Yoga on Vimeo.

Things to plan for your organic garden:

Top 10 reasons to buy organic

  1. Protects future generations – “We have not inherited the earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children” Lester Brown
  2. Prevents soil erosion – The soil Conservation service estimates that more than 3 billion tons of topsoil are eroded from croplands each year
  3.  Protects water quality – Water makes up two-thirds of our body mass. Contaminated ground water pollutes our primary source of drinking  water (many of these pollutants causing cancer)
  4. Saves energy -Modern farming uses more petroleum than any other single industry consuming 12 % of the countries total energy bill.
  5. Keeps chemicals off your plate and out of your body – Pesticides are designed to kill living organisms and can also harm humans.
  6. Protect farm workers -The National Cancer Institute found that farmers exposed to herbicides had six times more risk than non-farmers of contracting cancer
  7. Helps small farmers – Organic farming is one of the few survival tactics left for family farmers
  8. Supports a true economy – Hidden costs of inorganic farming include: pesticide regulation and testing hazardous waste disposal and cleanup and environmental damage.
  9. Promotes biodiversity – Despite the tenfold increase in the use of pesticides due to single crops, crop losses due to insects have doubles partly because insects have become genetically resistant to certain pesticides.
  10. Tastes better – That’s one good reason why many chefs use organic foods in their recipes. It simply tastes better!

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