Shibashi : 5. Rolling the Arms

This gentle rolling movement is relaxing and soothes the body. It is sometimes called “Back Swinging Monkey”

Repeat six times on both sides


  1. Start with right and left palm in front of the body facing each other,  Laogong “connected” to Laogong as if by an elastic band. (Left palm facing downward and right facing upwards).
  2.  Breath in and drop right hand to down to thigh high and then behind to shoulder height in an arc,  whilst your right hand
    Rolling Arms - gently twisting the entire body from the waist
    Rolling Arms – gently twisting the entire body from the waist

    stretches out diagonally in front of you till both hand are facing to the heavens at shoulder height.

  3. As you exhale bring your right hand forward so your thumb  passes close to your ear, your left palm moves backwards. The palms pass each other as you move your gaze from right palm (faced downwards)and  left palm(faced upwards). Arms  continue in this rolling continuous movement as your repeat the cycle.


  • initiate the movement from the waist like a cork screw
  • keep your eyes on P-8 (palm of moving hand )at all times
  • allow your torso to rotate naturally to each side

Mental focus:

Focus your attention at all times on Laogong (palm of hand )moving from one hand to the other as if connected with an elastic band.

Health Benefit:

  1. benefits sufferers of arthritis and asthma
  2. as you twist your entire body along its vertical axis, this unblocks and disperses Qi within the liver and gall bladder channels, helping to relieve headaches, migraine and pain in the eyes
  3. when you calm these channels, you can calm the pain


Ensure the movement of the torso come from the spine and not the hip

“Once in motion, everything in motion

Once at rest, everything at rest

Tugged in motion back and forth

The breath adheres to the back

and is absorbed into the spine”

Wu Yuxiang (1812 – 1880)

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