Tiandi Qigong: 2. Scooping up the healing water

Water holds the crystals of healing within the its dynamic structure.

Scooping up the water exercise

With this exercise routine you combine:

  • mind intention of the healing power of the water
  • body movement to open energy pathways
  • deep breathing to draw in earth energy
Scooping the water
Qigong Scooping the water exercise

and heaven energy to balance the body

Same starting posture as for exercise one. Check posture. Relax.


Breathing in, swing both arms behind you, bending your knees,  scooping the water from behind you, in your cupped hands and bring it up over your head, stretching your hands to heaven. Elbows pointing ahead of you as you bring your hands to your shoulders. Feel the “water” splashing on your face(the rush of air) and cleaning and clearing your head, brain and smoothing out the wrinkles on your skin as you bring your hands down over your face and down to your sides.

Repeat 9 times. Bring hands together with your hands over lower Dantian.
Circulate clockwise and then anti clockwise taking all the good energy onto the stomach area.

Now open hands guide them to Dantianto rest.(Ladies right hand on the belly and left hand on top. Gentleman left hand on the belly and right hand resting on top of left) This stores the energy in your energy center.

This exercise keeps joints flexible whilst learning to collect earthly energy, from the water, and receive heavenly chi, from the heavens above as you bring it over your face and upper body.

Practice daily to increase energy, heal and balance your body at all levels – mind, body and spirit.

Allow your body to drink air and water
cool, fresh and sweet.
In harmony with the universe
in a state of ecstasy
no duality
no conflict.

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