Exercise to Feel Qi

To feel Qi , you need to turn your attention inwards with intention as the old Chinese saying goes: “When the intent arrives, the Qi arrives”.

This exercise takes only ten minutes.

Six easy steps

  1. Take up the classic Qigong posture.
  2. Breathe in nine times whilst you:
  • close your eyes
  • rest your hands on Dan Tian (Qi sinks to Dan Tian)
  • detach your mind from the physical world (like closing down the scenes). This includes what you are thinking, what you are hearing,  what you smell and feel.
  • imagine you are in a golden cocoon (feeling totally relaxed, warm, safe and secure – nothing forced.)
  • visualize the Qi all around you in the cocoon, basking  in the glow of that shower of golden Qi
  • feel the Qi nourishing every cell in your body
  • allow your belly to expand as you breathe in and contract as you breathe out (with the intention to drop energy downwards)

This method of breathing massages and stimulates Dan Tian, increases balance and stability and facilitates proper breathing.

3. Put your hands together and rub vigorously. First push and rub palms together, then continue rubbing hands as you push your fingers against one another. Feel the warmth generated.

4. Place hands facing each other and breathe in and out as you move hands apart and bring them together again, as if you have a rubber band between your two middle fingers, pulling the hands together.

Holding Ballof Qi
Feel the Qi between your hands

Now feel the Qi between your hands including:

  • tingling
  • prickling sensation
  • hot spots
  • magnetic attraction between the hands
  • warmth.

5. Hold right hand still. Move only the left hand whilst still breathing in and out. Then hold the left hand still moving only the right hand.

6. Now circulate both hands as they face each other.

Do this exercise routine every day for 100 days and your hands should be warm and you should feel the Qi sensation in your hands.

Benefits of building Qi include:

  • self – empowerment
  • inner calm
  • assists you to move with ease, poise and dignity
  • increased balance and stability
  • facilitates proper breathing
  • massages and stimulates Dan Tian.

You are now ready to start self-healing techniques.

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