How to stop Smelly Feet

No more smelly feet!

Smelly feet are something most people do not want to talk about.

Let’s talk about them. They are embarrassing, antisocial and very easy to fix.

Solve the problem by:

Natural fiber foot wear and socks
Natural fiber footwear and socks
  • wearing only  natural fiber footwear – no synthetic inners
  • using cotton or wool socks – no synthetic fibers
  • washing feet morning and evening then powdering according to the chart below
  • powdering your shoes before you put them on
  • Wiping shoes with Eucalyptus pure essential oil neat at night to kill germs and odor.


Medium to Carry the Pure   Essential Oil Application Recipe Essential oil Condition to Treat
Organic rice/corn flour Foot powder 10 drops in 2 tablespoons  flour Cedarwood, lemongrass, cypress, citronella, lemon, tea tree Smelly feet


Organic rice/corn flour Body powder 10 drops in ½ cup flour Rose geranium, chamomile, rose, lavender, rose, neroli, mandarin,   melissa, bergamot To soothe sweaty skin and prevent rashes in the warmer months

Foot Powder – Method:

  • Take a clean glass or stainless steel container with a screw top and put the powder into the container.
  •  Now add drops( choose the oils and add 10 drops total to the powder – not 10 drops of each oil)
  • Screw lid tight and shake.
  • Keep sealed for three days shaking every day.
  • Keep powder container out of the sun in a cool dark place.

Apply to feet, shoes, and socks with cottonwool face pads. Use every day until your feet smell better. Then apply every second or third day or perhaps weekly until you establish the right application period for you. We are all unique human beings and no one recipe fits all.

This recipe is ideal for lymphoedema patients to assist in the maintenance of healthy feet.

Have fun experimenting. What I can promise you are NO MORE SMELLY FEET. (Note: the exception is if you have a medical condition like athlete’s foot, in which case consult your doctor or pharmacist.)

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