Make Aloe Vera gel at home

Aloe Vera has been a home remedy for centuries. This fleshy succulent from my home country South Africa is the most forgiving plant I know. Forget to water it or leave it in the sun, it just keeps giving its healing properties asking for nothing in return.
Proven scientific evidence of Aloe Vera’s healing properties include:

  • soothing sunburn in children and infants
  • helping severe radiation burns heal
  • pain relief and healing from oral ulcers
  • positive hair regrowth from seborrhoea baldness
  • effective against peptic ulcers
  • retarding fungus growth
  • relievings dermatitis and acne
  • helping wound healing.
Aloe vera Liliaceae
Aloe vera Liliaceae

Why does aloe work?

Aloin is the name given to the mixture of active principals obtained from the juice, not the pulp of the aloe plant. It is a bitter, yellow powder. The main ingredient in Aloin is barbaloin. Different species of Aloe have varying amounts of  barbaloin.

(Reference: Aloe Vera Heals – The Scientific Facts, Royal Publications, Denver)

Easy steps to making Aloe Vera gel

  1. Select a large fat leaf near the base of the plant.
  2. Gently pull it from the plant with a twist.
  3. Wash leaf and remove all prickly spikes.
  4. Cut into manageable pockets.
  5. Slice as close to aloe skin as possible removing it from both sides.
  6. Check your gel pocket for any green patches and remove.
  7. Place one or two pockets in food processor and add a little filtered water and pulse till smooth.

You can add this gel to your breakfast protein shake, use as base for your foot scrub, rub on any skin to soothe any problem areas.

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