How to stimulate your Heart Meridian

Easy simple technique to activate your heart meridian

Nowhere is such LOVE felt more deeply than in the heart.

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Chinese perspective of the heart

The heart is the King of  all organs. This means that all  your other organs always  will sacrifice  for  your  heart, giving their energy to help your  heart maintain balance.  Fluctuations of your  emotions up and down  damages your  heart. That is why it is

magnificent ruby red for the heart
magnificent ruby red for the heart

important to keep your emotions in check to regulate your circulation.  Your heart is often referred to as  “the Ruler of Emotions” and the “House of the Spirit”.


Sound:                        “Kherr” /  laughter

Color:                           ruby  red

Direction:                   south

Season :                       summer

Harmful emotion:   too much joy / excitement

Positive emotion:   joy

Laughter is good for your heart
Laughter is good for your heart

Animal :                         the red Phoenix bird

Tips to nourish  your heart:

  • when practising your Qigong in summer,  stand facing south and before your start  just stand for a few minutes and honour the ” Southness” of summer with gratitude
  • balance your fire element by going swimming in a cold, dark pool or stream
  • wear red
  • laugh a lot

Why activate your heart meridian?

By activating your heart meridian you you stimulate the heart channel which increases flow of heat, blood, and energy to heal the heart and other body organs.

Where is the heart meridian:

  1. it starts at the heart and runs to the
  2. armpits then
  3. down each arm
  4. coming out on the inside of the little finger
heart meridian acupuncture points
heart meridian acupuncture points
heart meridian diagram
heart meridian diagram









Two additional points to stimulate:

  1. Turn your left palm to face yourself. Take your right thumb nail and press deeply straight down on the first joint of the middle finger(pericardium point). It should hurt. Hold for  7 seconds  and repeat three times.  Do the same on the first joint of your baby finger (heart point).
  2. Now change hands and let the left thumb nail press the two points on the right hand. You can hold for a full minute if needs be. Must be the underside of your hand.

Easy  exercise to heal your  heart 

  • Sit in a comfortable position.
  • Relax and breath deeply as you visualise your heart (where it is located and its size and shape).
  • Breathe in fresh, clean, red Qi through the nose.
  • Exhale toxins from the heart through your mouth, as you quietly chant the word “Kherr”.
  • Repeat three times.

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“Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level” –  Nan Lu


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