What your Doctor did not tell you !

Tools to assist you to manage your lymphoedema better.

Hand Lymphoedema
Hand Lymphoedema
  1. maintain healthy BMI 18 – 25
  2. regular Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage (MLD)
  3. compression bandaging
  4. nutritional plan to include low fat and an inflammatory diet
  5. wearing compression garments daily
  6. daily exercise
  7. practice qigong daily
  8. routine skincare twice daily
  9. dry skin brushing daily
  10. drinking 2 liters filtered water every day
  11. deep abdominal breathing
  12. regular meditation and use positive affirmations daily
  13. regular laser on the affected limb
  14. elevation whenever possible
  15. kynesio tape affected area
  16. crystal therapy for fibrosis
  17. regularly  detox  your body
  18. drink and eat organic  by choice
  19. cut out all processed food
  20. reduce toxins by using non-toxic products on your skin
Lymphoedema of the foot
Lymphoedema of the foot

 LymphoMation – “What your doctor did not tell you about lymphoedema?”

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