Shibashi 1 – Raising the arms

This is the first of 18 movements of Shibashi Qigong. 


Repeat following exercise six times.

  1. Stand quietly in Wu chi posture in order to allow the body to relax. Keep your mind on Dantian for three breaths.
  2. Keep hips in straight line with the body with head erect.
  3. Allow the elbows, wrists and fingers to bend naturally (relaxed and unlocked) throughout the exercise.
  4. Let the mind lead the breath and the breath lead the movement of the arms to follow the body in harmony.
  5. Ever so slowly, rock gently forward on the in breath and back on the out breath, as you raise your arms with palms facing down. Bend knees slightly (do not project your knees beyond your toes).
  6. You may gently rise up on the balls of your feet on the in breath and lower on the out breath.
  7. Adopt natural breathing.


Back should be straight, but relaxed throughout.

Mind intention

Clear the mind. Mind on the breath, breath in the belly
Clear the mind. Mind on the breath, breath in the belly. Feel the connection to mother earth and the heavens above.

As you raise your arms, breathing in,  feel that your connection to Mother Earth is through your feet. Feel Qi rise from Yongquan (K1) under the balls of each foot to Dantian in the belly . As you breathe out and lower your arms, feel the connection with heavenly Qi through the crown of your head as it meets with and absorbs earth Qi.

Health benefits

This raising the arms exercise:

  • balances your  blood pressure
  • strengthens your  heart
  • helps to prevent arthritis
  • transforms mental and physical tensions
  • releases unblocked  liver  Qi.

The Shibashi  Qigong routine is one of the best forms for the management of lymphoedema.

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” With the mind circulate the breath,

Striving to make it sink firm.

Then it can be absorbed into the bones”

Wu Yuxiang (1812 – 80)





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