Shibashi: 7. Lifting the Ball

Imagine you are presenting a magnificent golden ball as a gift

(repeat  six times on both sides)


  1. stand naturally
  2. inhale as you turn and lift right palm upward to the left(slightly higher than your shoulder)
  3. whilst moving the weight onto left leg, right leg stretches onto tiptoe(as an optional extra you can very gently lift the toe and tap the ground)
  4. exhale back to centre and immediately shift weight to your right leg


Shibashi - lifting the ball
Shibashi – lifting the ball

Repeat ton the other side


Let your breathe naturally follow the movement

Health benefits:

  • keep focused with both eyes on the hand (loagong point in the palm of your hand ) that is being raised and lowered (it is possible to induce a state of self hypnosis)
  • helps balance blood pressure
  • beneficial for insomnia

Mind intention

  1. Focus on the pours of your skin on the inside of your arms as you raise the ball and on the underside as you lower the ball
  2. Feel the connection between heaven(laogong point in the centre of your palm)  and earth (big toe ) as if there were an elastic lifting your hand to heaven and anchoring your toe rooting it to mother earth.

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“The power is as if relaxed,

About to open yet still unopened.

Power may be cut, the idea is not cut”

Wu Yuxiang (1812 – 1880)