How to Stimulate and Cleanse your Kidneys

This simple Qigong self healing exercise can be done daily to improve your kidney health

How you benefit from this exercise:

  • very good to help heal old injury to neck and shoulder
  • it activates your urinary / bladder channels
  • stimulates your kidneys
  • training the lower back and slowing your breath

Easy routine:

Always take a moment to connect to mother earth and scan the body for tightness tension and pain
Always take a moment to connect to mother earth and scan the body for tightness, tension and pain
  1. centre yourself with your hands on Dan Tien and feet together
  2. breathe in through your nose as you raise your heels off the ground (draw in heaven and earth energy from your feet to the top of your head)
  3. hold your breath
  4. breath out through your mouth with big release sound (HAAAAAA)as you bang your heels on the ground – release all sluggish Qi as if washing out all toxins.
  5. squeeze your kidneys
  6. Breath in again through your nose , turn your head to the left gently bend your knees as you lean backwards and look over your left shoulder at your heels bending slightly to the left
  7. Squeeze the kidneys
  8. Repeat step 7 to the right

Do this exercise only three times the first time. It is gentle and slow but powerful. Slowly increase by the week till you are doing nine repeats to each side.

Easy exercise in self-healing to cleanse your kidneys

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“Health is number one, you have everything

With no health, you have nothing”

Grand Master Zhao