Shibashi 10 – Cloud hands

This very gentle, beautiful exercise allows you to reflect upon your life as you pivot from side to side.


Repeat six times or more if necessary on each side.

  1. Be really present.
  2. Take a moment to scan your body from head to toe. As you scan, think how does my mind feel,  how do my eyes feel?
  3. Focus your attention on the moving hand.
  4. Say quietly to yourself, My eyes are cleansed , my mind is at peace”.
  5. Imagine your hands are floating clouds.
  6. Breathe in restorative energy as you twist to the left, and as you move to the right breathe out and feel the tension leave your body.
  7. Take a moment to scan your body again from head to toe. Think how does my mind feel, how do my eyes feel?


  • Make all aspects of your movement and the connection between the repetitions seamless.
  • Lead the movement by turning your waist.


Health benefits

This exercise cleanses the eyes and calms the mind. Consciousness is influenced by stimuli received through the eyes. Can you imagine trying to relax whilst you are watching a frenetic or violent activity? As the eyes relax in this exercise, the mind becomes tranquil.

Doing the cloud hands exercise:

  • helps ease anxiety
  •  alters neural pathways in the brain, making you resilient to stress
  • releases tension in the body
  • inducing a feeling of calm and peace
  • increasing creativity
  • reducing outbursts of anger.


Imagine your hands are floating clouds
Imagine your hands are floating clouds


“Once the movement is commenced,

The whole body must be light and sensitive.

Above all it must be coordinated.

Let the breath be expanded freely

The spirit inwardly absorbed

Don’t let there be deficient places,

Don’t let there be protruding or caved in spaces,

Don’t let there be disconnected places.”

Wu Yuxiang (1812 – 80)

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