Tiandi Qigong: 4A. Traditional “Horse” Stance

(Universal Posture)

“In Stillness be like the pine

In movement be like the clouds and water”

Good posture allows healthy Qi to flow. In all Qigong techniques, be it standing, moving or meditating the principals of alignment and posture are paramount.

Traditional Qigong" Horse" Stance
Traditional Qigong” Horse” Stance

Principles of Qigong Posture:

  • spine should feel open and long
  • shoulders relaxed (not slouched or pulled back)- “sunk”
  • elbows, knees, and fingers (slightly bent not locked)
  • feet flat on the ground, toes and heels parallel shoulder width apart
  • chest easy and open( not puffed up nor depressed)- “resting”
  • abdomen and solar plexus free of tension

All Qigong techniques are based on the horse stance:

  1. whole body relaxed
  2. joints relaxed and open
  3. empty the neck and let energy reach the crown
  4. suspend the head – connection to heaven
  5. tongue touches the roof of the mouth
  6. gently tuck the chin to slightly straighten the back of the neck
  7. sink the shoulders, drop the elbows
  8. spine straight back erect – electrical highway to and from the brain
  9. gently tuck pelvis in
  10. relax the hips
  11. use intent and mindfulness – do not force
  12. sink Qi to Dan Tian

Affirmation you can use to maintain your mind and body awareness:

“My joints are open, and my shoulders are relaxed and my spine is straight and lengthening”

Qigong cultivates a powerful and unique form of relaxation – dynamic meditation

How you benefit from correct posture with daily Qigong practice:

  • decreases blockages of energy
  • improved stamina
  • reduces susceptibility to injury
  • increased energy
  • ageless spine
  • lasting radiant heath
  • inner peace and well being
  • comfortable aging
  • reduces stress
  • by regulating the mind there is an increased awareness of state of pure consciousness
  • vital longevity
  • peak personal performance
  • improved quality of life

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