Shibashi 9 – Pushing palm as you twist at waist

The easy twisting action very effectively moves Qi in your lower Dantian.  The positioning of the hands strongly tonifies and opens the large intestines.


Repeat sequence six times on each side.

  1. From basic stance, hold loose fists next to your waist.
  2. Inhale as you turn your body diagonally to the left and extend your right hand in front of you (rotating wrist with palm open).
  3. As you advance the movement, rotate left  wrist so palm faces downwards with fingertips pointing forward.
  4. Exhale and bring both fists to your waist, with body facing forward.
  5. Repeat on the other side.


  • Keep both your feet on the ground throughout.
  • Inhale when you extend your arm forward.
  • When your hand extends forward, lead with your thumb and index finger side of hand (this activates LI4 –  Hegu).

Mental focus

Focus on Laogong of the palm that is pressing forward.

Health benefit

Helps build your resistance to cold or hot weather, wind and other external influences.

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Wu Yuxiang (1812-80)

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