Shibashi :4. Parting the clouds

Activate your brain and clear your head, improving your memory, health and wellness.

Have you ever watched the clouds parting?

For this exercise imaging you are a cloud moving smoothly, lightly and effortlessly.

Repeat six times

Movement routine:

Parting the clouds
Clouds move on, things change, it always does

When checking posture – keep crown suspended by a thread

  1. Rise up gently as you lift your arms above your head with your arms crossed in front of you as you straighten your knees.
  2. Part your hands in front of your third eye.
  3. Descend as you  bring your hands down to your sides overlapping your hands in front of you.


  • Breathe in on the upward movement raising your heels off the ground slightly and breathe out on the downward movement lowering your heels to the ground
  • Relax shoulders throughout

Mind Intention:

Parting the clouds of life
Parting the clouds of life
  • Focus your attention on Laogong(pericardium-8 in the middle of your palm)

Health Benefits

  1. This exercise clears the head and  awakens the brain because the stimulation of the lungs increases oxygen to the blood. This is efficiently pumped up to the head because of the large upward movement of the arms stimulating the brain.
  2. Useful in strengthening the leg, stimulating the kidneys.
  3. Beneficial for those suffering from neurasthenia.

Tips to nourishing your brain:

  • memorize anything using creativity, imagination, visualization and picturization.
  • change to a  high protein / low carbohydrate diet.
  •  spend time in parks, sea shore, mountains, open spaces
  • obey brain rhythms – allow  20 minutes break for every 90 – 120 minutes of mental work.
  • silence saves your energy and increases brain power.
  • have periods of deep concentration

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“If the spirit can be raised up,

Then there will be no danger of being slow and heavy.

Keeping the crown suspended.”

Wu Yuxiang(1812 – 80)

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