How to garden in no garden with container planting

Pots, tubs, baskets, barrels and buckets make ideal gardens when you have little of no garden space.

Options for container gardening include:

  • tubs (yogurt )secured to or placed on wooden beam
  • pots of many sizes and colors
  • half wine barrels
  • troughs (wooden, cast concrete, plastic or fiberglass)
  • guttering mounted vertically
  • wooden wine boxes
  • polystyrene boxes
  • crates can be used a mixed raised bed
  • bowl shaped planters placed raised on bricks one on top of each other like saucers

Where to place them:

  1. as close to the kitchen door as possible
  2. in the driveway
  3. on the ground
  4. on a pedestal
  5. mount on the window sill
  6. put two matching pots on either side of the walk way or entrance
  7. on deck, balcony or patio
  8. vertically up a wall
  9. hang them from the rafters

Think about the following:

  • one single large container as a feature
  • group a number of containers for outdoor decoration
  • arrange a number of containers both large and small on stairways and terraces

Advantages for you:

  1. adds  instant color and appeal to your space
  2. practical for kitchen cuttings
  3. space saving
  4. add versatility to your  garden as you can move them according to the suns movements
  5. adds a focal point
  6. enhances ambiance to outdoor sitting area

Suggestions for container planting:

  • basil, chives, thyme, parsley and other herbs
  • blend texture with color planting your favorites like hen and chickens, nasturtiums, and pineapple sage
  • always include a “thriller”, a “spiller”, and a “filler”

thriller – one focal plant with dramatic leaves like rose pelargonium

spiller – plants that can drape over the edges like petunias, bacopa, creeping zinnias, nasturtiums,  rosemary or sweet potatoes

filler – plants with small leaves and flowers that add color and fill in the arrangement all season long like parsley, salvias, verbenas, chilies and licorice.

  • lettuce, spring onions, spinach and cucumber and other salads
  • lemon verbena, lemongrass, rosemary, lemon balm and other teas
  • carrots, beetroot, beans, snow peas and other vegetables

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