Shibashi Warm Up

Why warm up?

  • encourages loose joints
  • activates the lymph system
  • helps clear blockages


Qigong at sunrise
Qigong at sunrise
  1.  earth element rules the lymphtics
  2. earth organs are the spleen / stomach (spleen/ pancreas – controls blood sugar)
  3. being rooted firmly to mother earth is very grounding and centering
  4. earth emotions are all about trust, balance and being on time

Tips :

  • Do it with intention
  • If you are unable to  do it you can visualize doing it when you are lying in bed
  • If you are unable to do the dynamic version you can do the “mini version” ( small movements)
  • If you have an issue with a particular organ or body part do it in that organ

The warm up routine (stand still for a moment, root your feet deep into mother Earth):

  1. gently move the neck in all four directions

    warming up the shoulders
    warming up the shoulders
  2. shake it out
  3. roll shoulders – up and back and forwards and back
  4. shake it out
  5. swing the arms like a windmill bending from the knees
  6. shake it out
  7. swing arms twisting from the waist . Hips then shoulders then hips again
  8. shake it out
  9. hip joint to the right and to the left in specific forward, side back side movement
  10. shake it out
  11. rub the knees,  then circle clockwise and anti clockwise
  12. shake it out
  13. ankles rotate clockwise then anti clockwise
  14. Shake everything


A possible side effect and body reaction can be burping and flatulence

” As Qi starts to move and strengthen your lower Dan Tien, stagnant gasses will be dislodged and flushed out.” 

Chris Jarmey

The Theory and practice of Taiji Qigong

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