Tiandi Qigong: 1. Shaking

Shaking the body loose

Set up

  • Place feet  hip distance apart with toes pointing slightly inwards.
  • Check posture(tail bone in, chin slightly tucked in, bend knees slightly, arms hanging off the body like ropes on the end of a stick).Relax the joints.
  • Wear a smile on your face.
  • Open the pours of your skin.

Shake the body

  1. Breathing in and out as you bend the knees  shaking the body. Start with three minutes building up to five minutes.
  2. Now continue shaking but lifting heals off the ground. Continue for another three minutes.
  3. Now continue shaking for another three minutes with feet flat on the ground again as you started for another three minutes.

You will feel a shower of energy on your head. Enjoy the feeling as it covers your shoulders, neck and energy settles into the body and blockages are released from muscles and bones in the body Inside the body the blood circulation has increased helping to release blockages, and clearing negative energy through your hands and feet. Energy is moving through the body.

Qigong standing posture
Qigong standing posture


  • Slowly come to rest.
  • Feel the Chi sensation (warmth, tingling, spontaneous movement, pins and needles feeling like a magnet pulling your hands together)
  • Stand quite still with your eyes closed. Feel the energy  moving inside of you, whilst outside everything is still.  Your whole body will feel warm.

Now rest with hands over Dan Tien. ( Ladies place right hand on lower belly and  left hand on top / Men left hand on lower belly and right on top)

This exercise is simple, useful and easy to do. Especially when stressed. Do it as a stand-alone exercise anywhere anytime. What is happening is the soft tissue is being stimulated helping to prevent arthritis and other degenerative diseases. When you do not move the body it degenerates. FACT.


  • This exercise is to clean and clear blockages before we gather up the energy.
  • It keeps joints flexible
  • Stimulates the kidney and urinary and bladder meridians (as you lift your heels)
  • Clears channels
  • Cleans away sluggish blockages and negativity.
  • Relieves lower back pain
  • Detoxifies the body.

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