Tiandi Qigong: 4. Universal Posture

This is the forth exercise in the Tiandi Basic Qigong practice.

Same stance as for exercise 1 but feet are  one and a half hip distance apart.

To begin :

  • Open the pours of your skin.
  • Wear a slight smile on your face.
  • Breathe in as you raise your arms in front of you to shoulder height
  • Rlax and breathe out as you soften your hands and arms as if holding a ball of energy.
  • Palms facing you in line with your face, fingers relaxed pointing to each other but not touching
  • Thumbs relaxed pointing to you.
  • Weight the elbows so no pointedness – rounded as if hugging an evergreen tree
  • Hold this position to begin with for 5 minutes. Maintaining the deep abdominal breathing( Qigong bellows breathing)
  • Use this time to focus on your lower Dan Tien. Hold as still as possible.

Feel the Qi sensation:

  • warm or cool moving in the body
  • tingling
  • gentle shaking of the limbs
  • weakness in the muscles
Universal posture Qigong
Universal posture Qigong

Posture Check Points as you hold the posture:

  •  Feel your feet sink into the earth  ( Feel the earth is a magnet and drawing out negative energy)
  • Your head is gently stretched into the heavens by a silken thread
  • Tongue on the roof of your mouth.( Swallow the saliva from time to time to nourish your inner health.)
  • Knees bent
  • Toes positioned slightly inward
  • Pelvis tucked under
  • Gently tighten the buttocks to straighten the base of the  spine
  • Chin tucked slightly in to straighten the back on the neck

To finish:

  •  Lower hands to in front of Dan Tien.
  • Feel the chi like an elastic ball between your hands.
  • Push and pull as you breathe in and out
  • Then lower your hands to DanTien ( ladies right hand on the belly and cover with the left hand. Gentleman the opposite)
  • Take three deep breaths resting your hands in Dan Tien with and use this nourishing Qi to massage belly. Rub your palms together.
Holding Ballof Qi
Feel the Qi between your hands

Now finish by washing your face with your hands, combing your hair and tapping (third eye, temples, crown, and back of head, under ears back of head, crown, and temples third eye. Repeat three times finishing with 50 taps on the third eye)

This exercise

  • helps balance the body
  • clears blockages
  • combines heavenly energy and earthly energy to energize the body
  • clears the head making it feel light and open
  • strengthens the legs and bones


  • After one month you will notice the difference. This is a foundation exercise for daily practice. Start with 5 minutes increasing each week and lowering your stance as well for increased strength.


“I am in the Universe , the universe is in me,

I and the universe are one”  Ancient Chinese saying

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Routine by certified Tiandi Qigong teacher – Margie Hare – 0407 187 159