Mulch your garden to health

What is mulching?

It is  an application of a layer of insulating material such as straw, leaves or bark over the surface of the ground.

Mulching has several benefits

It can:

  • improve plant growth by modifying the temperature of the soil
  • reduce evaporation of soil water retaining the earth worms
  • smother  weed seedlings
  • provide additional nutrients to the plants  (depending on the material used)
  • protect roots from extreme cold and heat.
Mulching with organic material
Mulching with organic material

Mulch options include:

  • comfrey leaves
  • newspaper
  • lucerne
  • straw
  • leaves
  • bark/wood chips.


  1. Be sure not to let newspaper and grass clippings pack down to form an impenetrable mat so water cannot reach the soil.
  2. In spring reduce the level of mulch to allow the soil to warm up.


Lucerne mulch
Lucerne mulch

CAUTION: Using black plastic strips

heavy roofing paper and other

unconventional non organic

materials is not recommended.



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