Sun on the Kidneys

This great mind training exercise it perfect to start your daily Qi practice.


  1. stand in basic Qigong posture with your kidneys facing the sun
  2. place the palms of your hands on your kidneys
  3. breathe in and visualize opening Ming Meng point (between the kidneys)
  4. hold the breath as you circulate the warm golden Sun energy  in a figure of eight around each kidney, warming them(x3).
  5. breathe out and visualize releasing all sluggish, stale, dirty, sick, painful energy down the legs and out through your K1 point under your foot
  6. repeat Nos 3,4 & 5 at least three times. Slowly build up to nine times.
  7. now last breath close the Ming Meng door
  8.  Calming Qi x3


  • activates and warms the kidneys
  • cleanses as your release sluggish, painful and dirty Qi back to mother earth
  •  feeling of calmness and relaxation comes over you
  • strong kidney – strong body


Keep your mind on the breath at all times guiding the circulation of Qi

Kidney Energy Clock – 5 pm – 7 pm 

Eat dinner

restore energy

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