Kidney and Lymphatic Activation Walk for Self Healing

These easy walking techniques can be incorporated into your daily walk by following the example in the video. I taught these two techniques at Hope wood Health retreat for the 14 years before it sadly closed its doors. The rewards are great to those who keep doing it.  Not to mention the laughter  shared!

Benefits include:

  • feeling more energized
  • improved kidney function
  • healthier lymphatic system
  • more toxins will be released
  • increased immunity to diseases

Lymphatic Activation Technique as you Walk – 10 minutes

This should be done at the beginning of your walking day so that as you complete your daily exercise walk the lymphatic system is already activated.

  1. swing arms as high as you can in front  of the body and behind the body
  2. left the legs in front also as high as you can
  3. this is a slow rhythmic walk to be done whilst breathing in time with your walking

Kidney Activation walk(forwards) – 100 steps

  • this is a slow heel to toe walk , stepping only one foot ahead

Kidney Activation Walk (backwards) – 100 steps

  • this is a ball of the foot to heel walk, that is fast, deliberate and hard down on the heel
  • you only step half a foot backwards with each step

CAUTION: Be sure to drink a big glass of water before you start your walk activation and also at the finish of your daily walk. This will allow your body to detox and flush out all the toxins.

TIP : Kidney Energy Clock – 5 pm – 7 pm 

Eat dinner

restore energy

Your kidneys store energy reserves. If you feel tired what did you spend your energy on?

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You only have your body the vehicle of your soul. Love yourself enough to take charge of your immune system naturally.