Shibashi 12 – Pushing the waves

This dynamic exercise can be done on its own or, better still, as part of the routine of 18 exercises.


Repeat this cycle three times on each side.

  1. Raise your back heel as you move forward and exhale.
  2. Shift weight from front foot, straightening your back leg as you extend your arms forward “pushing the waves”.
  3. Raise your front toes as you lean back
  4. Inhale and bring your arms toward your chest “pulling the waves”.

    Pushing the waves
    Pushing the waves


Keep your spine, head and neck in vertical alignment throughout the movement.

Mind focus

Full attention on Laogong (Pericardium-8) in the palm of your hand while breathing naturally.


  • Imagine the waves washing over you and through you, loosening, cooling and transforming all tension and anxiety in the body.
  • Imagine you are absorbing energy and power from the sea. Imagine the wave power charging your kidneys up, like the water powering a hydroelectricity generator.

Health benefits

Draw in the power of the sea to energise the kidneys
Draw in the power of the sea to energise the kidneys.
  • Excellent for kidney and bladder function.
  • Transforms tensions and anxiety.
  • Allows you to stand your ground or manifest your will

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“They are  refining the body’s energy to create the gold of health and enlightenment, jing. It is produced internally from the combined energies of the kidneys and the lungs. Anything that improves the health of these two organs will help increase the store of  jing.”

Ancient Daoist alchemical text

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