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Margie Hare performing a Qi Gong warm up exercise
Margie Hare performing a Qi Gong warm up exercise

There are five different groups that have influenced the development of QIGONG as we know it today. You choose the one that best works for you. Chinese health skills have been practices for over 4000 years. Paintings have been unearthed from 4th century BC which shows people performing various movements for health.

Influencing factors:

  1. Buddhism Qigong (spiritual)
  2. Daoism Qigong (Spiritual)
  3. Chinese Medicine Qigong (stressed or sick)
  4. Martial art Qigong (like Con Fu for strong body)
  5. Confucianism Qigong (to improve life style quality)
  6. Modern Qigong – Tiandi Qigong combines all the above five styles to improve body, mind and spirit health

With number six, Tiandi Qigong, there is no clash with other energy work, any religion, it is for everyone regardless of age due to the simplicity of the movements.

To give Qigong its correct title would be to refer to it as kinesiatrics. This means to cure illness through muscular movement.

When practicing outside it is great fun and allows you to draw Qi from the sky , the earth beneath your feet, water and nature all around you. Imagine yourself as the antenna between earth and the sky bringing your body to a state of balance. When you practice daily whenever possible outside, you will start to feel stronger and notice an improvement in your energy levels.

Universal Posture
Universal Posture

Start slowly and build up each exercise with daily practice:

This is the treasured Chinese secret of health, wellness and longevity.

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“Your emotional attitude is very important – always be positive and happy”.

Master Zhao

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