Tiandi Qigong 3 – Prayer position gathering Qi

Exercise for Gathering Qi

Set up

  • Stand with feet hip distance apart toes tucked slightly inwards.
  • Check posture – your pelvis should be tucked in, buttocks gently squeezed tight, chin pulled ever so slightly up and in to straighten the back of the neck. Your lower jar should be dropped, with tongue resting on the roof of the mouth.
  • Start with hands in prayer position: finger tips touching, palms apart as if holding a ball.


  • Drop both hands to your side, then raise to shoulder height (drawing up earth energy) with palms facing the earth.
  • Now turn hands over and floating arms above the head, stretch and gently gather the Qi,  (drawing on heavenly energy).
  • Then with palms facing downwards bring the heavenly energy into the body as you return to prayer position.

Repeat this cycle  9 times as peace settles into  your entire being.

Finish by resting with hands on Dan Tien and taking three deep breaths (bellows breathing).


  • Flexible joints
  • Training the palms to collect and give Qi and to be more sensitive.
  • Activating the three yin  and three yang channels running down the  body.


“Old dead wood breaks.

Young branches full of sap bend.

So the stiff are followers of death.

And the supple are followers of life.”

Lao Tzu

Routine by certified Tiandi Qigong teacher – Margie Hare – 0407 187 159

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