Qigong Kidney Breathing

An easy exercise to stimulate your kidneys.


Tips when you do this exercise:

  1. breathe in through the nose long deep and slow
  2. breathe out through the mouth expelling all toxic and sluggish Qi
  3. do not force anything, bend only as far as is comfortable
  4. always bend your knees as you bend backwards with your chin on your chest

Why activate the kidneys?

  • kidney energy warms the body
  • if you are feeling low or tired it will engage your energy system
  • great longevity strategy
  • strengthen kidney energy
  • helps retain good hearing
  • keeps teeth healthy
  • strengthens nails
  • keeps hair thick and healthy
  • builds strong bones and joints
  • has positive influence on the reproductive and renal systems

Other simple things to do to activate the kidneys – repeat each one 36 times:

(commence each of these by rubbing your hands together 36 times or till warm)

  1. gently and lightly chatter the teeth together in a meditative fashion with the eyes closed listening to the sound of your teeth
  2. pound lightly with a loose fist under both feet on K1 point
  3. rub up and down your back below the fib cage with lightly held fists –  you should feel the warmth rising
  4. “beat the heavenly drum” means you place your palms over your ears,middle finger on the base of your skull, whilst the second finger beats from the middle finger onto the skull

“Kidneys store energy reserves. If you are tired, what did you spend your energy on? Put yourself first.”

from NatureHealth Body Clock

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