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Is your life in balance
Is your life in balance

Learn this easy Qigong exercise to bring the body and mind back in balance.

Check list for lifestyle balance.

Are you spending enough time :

Take time out in nature
Take time out in nature
  • exercising
  • with friends
  • in relationships
  • doing spiritual development
  • in nature (smelling the roses)
  • sleeping (8 hours per night)
  • laughing
  • doing what you love
  • nourishing the mind or learning something new?

Have you made time for:

  • conscious shopping for the right food items to nourish your body
  • proper food preparation
  • meditation / prayer / daily gratitude
  • being of service to others?

If the answer is “NO” to any of these – please watch the video and see why the ancient Chinese observed and learned from the animals. I would love you to share it with one of your friends. Help make a difference in other peoples lives.

lessons from the leopard
Lessons from the leopard

Origins of animals in Chinese culture:

  • The earliest  Qigong -like exercises in China are the animal dances of ancient Chinese shamans, dating back to around 122 BC. These include the dragon dance, horse dance and tiger dance etc.

 “The ways of water were broken and obstructed, so that the flow was bad from the very sources. For the same reason when the breath or energy  of the individual is congested and stagnant, the muscles and bones are contracted and don’t flex well. One therefore prescribes certain dances which guide the breath and ensure that it moves throughout the body in a harmonious fusion.”

  Catherine Despeux, extract from a translation on this ancient tradition

  • Daoist text Huainanzi (second century BC) named certain Qigong postures such as bathing duck, leaping monkey, glaring owl and turning tiger.
  • A few centuries later Qigong systems developed: lion’s roar, coiling snake, old bear in the woods, flying crane.

Skills you can cultivate by practicing Qigong include:

patience of a water dragon
Patience of a water dragon
  • balance
  • suppleness
  • grace
  • strength
  • persistence
  • patience
  • cunning
  • flexibility
  • focus
  • agility
  • stillness
  • concentration.

The result you can enjoy include:

  • health
  • wellness
  • longevity
Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang
 For the full routine of Basic Tiandi  Qigong  click this link so you can practice daily in the comfort of your home. Order your DVD today.


“If hard like dead wood
Wind blows, you break
If soft like grass, you bend like bamboo
If like bamboo, bend and spring back.”

 From  ‘This is the way of Yin and Yang’


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