What is the NatureHealth Gratitude Jar Challenge?

A gratitude jar is a fun tool to help you create an attitude of  gratitude.

Find a clean, empty jam jar or other container and use is as a Gratitude jar. Whenever something fabulous happens, you have a poignant moment, you see something that excites you or you hear good news, write it on a piece of paper with the date. Pop it in your Gratitude jar.

Once a year, maybe on your birthday or New Years Eve, empty your jar and celebrate as you review your Year of Gratitude.  Doing this makes such moments more meaningful and keeps you on the look out for the next one to record and pop in the jar. Anticipation is good!

Join the NatureHealth Gratitude Jar Challenge
Start your gratitude jar today. Email a copy of the first gratitude note you make with your name and contact details to the NatureHealth Gratitude Jar Challenge.  On the 31st December 2017, NatureHealth will draw from that jar and three very lucky NatureHealth followers will receive a New Year’s gift from NatureHealth.

Please forward this challenge to any of your friends who want to improve their sleeping quality, boost their immune system and enjoy a calm and peaceful mind. Please encourage them to join the NatureHealth Gratitude Jar Challenge with you.

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