Freeze Fresh Herbs for Use Later

One of the easiest ways to preserve delicate summer flavours of culinary herbs is to freeze them as soon as possible after picking or buying.

Seven Easy Steps to freeze herbs in ice blocks or freeze whole leaves for later use:

  1. When you have finished using the fresh herbs rinse well. We do not want a frozen worm ending up in the soup!
  2. Remove of woody stems especially from thyme and marjoram. Parsley stalks are delicious and nutritious
  3. chop if you are going to put into ice cubes  / leave leaves intact if folding them on baking paper
  4. spoon chopped herbs into clean ice tray / place of baking paper
  5. carefully top up with filtered water / fold baking paper and tin foil ready for freezing
  6. place in freezer for 24 hours
  7. place ice blocks / frozen leaves in zip lock bags and label before returning to the freezer till required.

Herbs suitable for freezing include:

  • chives
  • borage flowers
  • dill
  • sage
  • oregano
  • tarragon
  • thyme
  • sorrel
  • mint

I do not recommend freezing basil as it turns black especially if you cut or chop it. Best preserved in glass jar with olive oil in layers. Retains full color and flavor for over 12 months.

Remember when picking fresh herbs do so with a sharp, clean pair of scissors and do so as early in the morning as possible, definitely  before the sun if fully up. As soon as the morning dew has dried is the perfect time. This is when the sap is rising and the flavors are their best.

Click this link for more herb ideas on storing fresh herbs in season.

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Happy green fingers!