When is a weed not a weed ?

When the “weed” is growing where you want it and you are able to use it in various beneficial ways.

Among ways chickweed can be used are as:

  • nutritious chook food
  • a great addition to salads
  • green ground cover, offering the naughty wildlife nibblers an alternative source of food
  • infused oil on skin for various skin conditions
  • face mask or scrub
  • soothing potion to reduce itchiness on the skin
  • topical antiseptic.

Making an infused herb oil

  1. Pick some chickweed.
  2. Gently crush the herb as you fill the glass jar.
  3. Push the plant material well down and cover totally with the olive oil.
  4. Screw the lid on tightly.
  5. Leave for two weeks, turning or shaking every other day.
  6. Strain and squeeze out all the infused oil.
  7. Bottle and label.
  8. Use chickweed oil as required.

Chickweed infused oil will keep for 6 – 12 months  if stored in cool dark place and bottled in a dark glass jar.

Use Chickweed infused oil  with gay abandon for various dermatological problems, especially sensitive skin types. Can also be added to Aloe Vera gel and to hair treatments as a scalp conditioner.

Making a chickweed face mask 

  • Pick fresh chickweed.
  • Dry till crispy.
  • Grind into powder.
  • Use equal quantities facial clay and powdered chickweed.
  • Add enough rose water to make a mask paste. (You can add some fresh Aloe Vera Gel if you have it handy.)

A monthly natural mask will leave your skin feeling luxurious. Enjoy.

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