Shibashi 18 – Calming Qi

Whenever you finish your Qigong practice you must settle the energy. We close the 18-sequence Shibashi routine by simply guiding the energy to Dantian, calming Qi.


Repeat steps 1-3 six times.

  1. Stand in basic posture.
  2. Use mind intention to calm the Qi, as you guide it to Dantian, whilst raising and slightly and slowly opening your arms.
  3. As you breathe out, guide the energy down to rest momentarily on your  lower Dantian.

    Calming Qi at the end of your practice
    Calming Qi at the end of your practice
  4. After six repetitions, rest with hands on Dantian for three natural breaths.


Feel totally relaxed as you continually slow the breath.

Health benefits

You have now come to the end of the 18-point Shibashi sequence. It will

  • settle the energy
  • calm the body
  • give you deep inner peace.

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