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January 2016
“My left foot, ankle and leg mysteriously started to swell one day to even double the size of my other foot and I had no physical reason for this to occur. I saw a Acupuncturist for 9 treatments while I waited to see Margie in December 2015. Margie diagnosed me with Lymphedema that we have since found to be genetic and we started treatment. I have worn the recommended sock each day, doing the recommended exercises and even went on a juice cleansing routine. I have seen Margie now for 2 sessions which has resulted in my swelling reduced in size and to just my ankle area. The treatment is pain free, not like the Acupuncturist, and very relaxing and extremely rewarding. I do recommend Margie for her fantastic work and I look forward to continuing my treatment and resolving my alignment completely.”
Rachael, Dunkeld.

“I had right breast cancer in 2006 treated with total right mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. I then developed left breast cancer in 2012 treated with total left mastectomy and chemotherapy. I’ve had very little problem with my left arm since 2012 however lymphoedema is demonstrated in my right arm. I had opportunity to seek advice and treatment from Margie Hare in November 2015 with regard to management of my lymphoedema. Margie initially treated me with remedial massage and use of a compressive arm sleeve. This was followed by further sessions of remedial massage and compression bandaging of my right arm. The results were amazing and instant. The swelling in my arm has virtually gone and my fingers and arm are now returned to normal size. Margie explained to me clearly and in an easy to understand manner how lymphoedema manifests and the processes whereby it can be treated and kept in check. I found the entire process quite rewarding. Margie’s approachable manner and wealth of knowledge has given me the necessary tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle and thereby keep my lymphoedema under control. I would highly recommend anyone suffering lymphoedema to consult Margie Hare as she has a most caring and professional manner and is most approachable at any time.”

Jan Keep, Bathurst


December 2015

Thank you for the wonderful massage. I feel great.

Annette, Sydney